Spring/Summer 2022

Spring/Summer 2022


Is that the sunshine we see out there?  

Finally, the days are getting longer and warmer.  

Maybe you are dreaming of getting out after work for a head clearing spin on your own or maybe you are starting to arrange to meet friends for evening cycle and catch up!  Whatever you plan on doing, do it safely!
Here are a few tips to keep you in tip top condition.


1 - Take care of your skin:

Now that our cycling days are getting longer, you will inevitably end up in the sunshine for longer periods of time.  Remember to use a sunblock on all those exposed skin areas (and yes, we love our tan lines but healthy skin should be top of your list!)

2 - Mind your eyeballs:

First thing to check with any pair of sunglasses - have they 100% UV-filtering lenses?  Ultraviolet rays in sunlight damage sensitive cells in those beautiful eyes of yours which can lead to all sorts of damage.  Invest in a good pair or two and you'll not only protect your eyes, you'll look fairly awesome too!

3 - Never forget your paws:

Sure.  It's sunny and stuff.  But that doesn't mean that after a good long hill climb, it won't be chilly at the top or on your descent.  Where's the harm in tucking a pair of gloves into a rear pocket or into your out front bag to keep your paws warm when needed.  We like a nice pair of thin liner gloves in spring and early summer.

4 - Keep hydrated:

We all know that sweat is your bodys way of cooling itself down to prevent overheating after a hard climb or when the weather is warm.  Aim to keep yourself as hydrated as possible by having one to two bottles an hour, depending on your efforts and the temperature.  We always carry two bottles on every cycle - one with plain water and the other with electrolytes to ensure our body salts are replenished.

5 - What to wear:

The eternal question for cyclists across the world.  But here in Ireland, we can experience all four seasons in one day, on any given day of the year (slight exaggeration!) and it's always better to be warm than cold - you can always take off an extra layer or two if you are overdressed but if you get cold, it can compromise your safety, concentration and reaction abilities.  Even on lovely sunny days, it's no harm to carry an extra layer in case you stop for that extra coffee during your spin or end of ride beer.....!

Happy cycling fellow flamingos!  Stay safe!